“Novofert” LLC. – is the company, whose main purpose of activity is production of the new water-soluble NPK fertilizers with microelements, which increase yield, resistance to stress situations (drought, diseases, frost, etc.), improve plant condition, enhancing better NPK consumption from soil and increasing the amount of growth and profitability of vegeculture, bread cereals growing and viniculture.

It is the modern technological equipment, software and the high quality raw materials, which makes it possible to choose just our fertilizers with the most effective composition and microelements selection for work on various fields.

On consumers' order more than 300 fertilizer formulas (mixtures) are produced. They are used for nutrition of cereals, horticultural crops, field crops, vegetables, potatoes, maize, sunflower, beetroot, berries, etc.

The water-soluble chlorine-free NPK fertilizer with microelements contains well-balanced complex of microelements: Cu, Fe, Co, Zn, B, Mo on chelate base of the ethylenediaminetetracetic acid, which increases nutrition elements fixation ratio up to 90 – 95%.

Chelates are the complex organic easily dissolved in water compounds, providing high microelements availability for plants.

Our fertilizers quickly and completely dissolve in water. Novofert fertilizers are compatible with the most of pesticides. The fertilizers should be introduced in the morning and in the evening.

Methods of application: top dressing, drop irrigation, planting stock treatment.
The final product is packed into 50, 25 and 10 kg PE and PP bags with multicolor logo trademark, packing on pallets using stretch film also available.

Product is supplied by motor, railway and marine transport.

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