advantagesTraditional widely used simple fertilizers, like ammonium nitrate, carbamide, ammonium sulphate, potassium nitrate and others have certain disadvantages: nutrition elements type uniformity, plant development stages application limits, low effectiveness, high labour intensity. The Novofert NPK fertilizers being used correctly: necessary type chosen, climatic region and soil properties taken into consideration, allow to:

  • keep and increase the soil fertility;
  • regulate the plant nutrition process;
  • increase crops yield;
  • increase the vegetation products quality;
  • significantly increase the agricultural production profitability.

At Below chart may see a compelling advantage to using these fertilizers classic simple:


Cereals top dressing with NPK + microelements fertilizers allows to increase protein content by 2 – 3,8%, gluten content by 5 – 6% and yield by 5-10 hwt./ha vs. traditional fertilizers.

Sugar beet at the first development stage experiences growth stagnation in case of nutrition elements deficiency and bad weather conditions (low temperatures, drought, etc.). Application of the Novofert fertilizers vs. simple fertilizers increases sugar content by 1,5-2%, and yield by 4-6 tons.

Sunflower. Boron deficiency causes severe young leaf deformation, which further on leads to the inflorescence non-formation and yield depression. The Novofert fertilizers contain all the necessary microelements (including Boron) for the plant development. Yield increases by 2-3 hwt./ha and oil content by 2-4%.

Cornat the first growth stage experiences stagnation in case of nutrition elements deficiency and bad weather conditions. Application of the Novofert NPK fertilizers increases protein content by 3%, and yield by 3-6 hwt./ha.

Potatoes have a big leaf surface, which makes it possible for it to consume the drop dressed fertilizers, that is why introducing the NPK fertilizers gives high results and allows to increase yield by 2-4 tons/ha.

An effective combination of the well-balanced macro and microelements in our fertilizers allows to cover all needs of various crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, pepper, onion, carrot, fruit trees, vineyards, increasing yield by 10 – 30%.

The main advantage of the Novofert NPK + microelements fertilizers vs. others is increasing the product quality and quantity, drought, frost, and pests resistance, enhancing better nutrients consumption from soil, increasing the microelements fixation ratio up to 95%.

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